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  • Technical visit

    Event : Technical Visit to M/s. Anchor Electricals & Electronics factory at Daman.   Date : 23.02.2002  &  24.02.2002
  • ECAM Expo 2022

    ECAM celebrated Expo 2022 @Pune


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The ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS’ ASSOCIATION OF MAHARASHTRA, MUMBAI, has carved a niche for itself, in the annals of Electrical Contracting fraternity, by virtue of which, it has rightfully established its claim to be the foremost, perpetually reputed and the only one of its kind of PIONEERING ASSOCIATION in the whole of India. With the heralding of the new MILLENNIUM, E.C.A.M. triumphantly marches into its PLATINUM JUBILEE YEAR in January,2000.


The advent of electricity, at the beginning of last millennium, has revolutionised the lives of mankind. The harnessing of Electrical Power and its widespread utilisation in all the spheres of endeavour and enterprise, has resulted in a phenominal impact upon both, rural and urban lifestyles, in a manner beyond the wildest dreams of humans, since the dawn of civilisation.

Electricity has become such an integral and indispensable feature in all facets of life, that even the mere thought of life without electricity is an anathema on the human race. It has also become the most vital infrastructure all over the world, upon which, is built the edifice of universal growth and development. Any increase in the installed generating capacity in the country, has a profound bearing upon the GNP of the country, since, the very commencement of work associated with this increase, sets into motion, a complex chain of events, which both, directly and indirectly contribute to the progress and prosperity of the nation. In fact,the percapita consumption of electricity, has become an index for gauging the economic well-being and development of any society.

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