Our History


In the Year 1975 a few Electrical Contractors in Pune Approached the authorities of the then Maharashtra state electricity board, popularly known as M.S.E.B, to resolve the Bottleneck in the supply system. They were not treated properly by the then authorities.As the group came out of the MSEB office, they vowed to unite and same 10 – 12 Electrical Contractors Formed Pune Electrical Contractors Association’ As the Group Started Functioning, Slowly other Contractors Joined.
Subsequently this regional association was merged with ‘Electrical Contractors’ Association of Maharashtra which was estd.in Mumbai.
Since 1983 Some dynamic Contractors in Pune were Keeping good rapport with Shri.Shirish Jhaveri, Shri.Haribhai Shah & others who supported the Pune Contractors, and on 14th Octomber 1984,Electrical Contractors Association of Maharashtra,Pune Region was officially inaugurated this historical function took place at Hotel Poonam in Deccan Gymkhana area of Pune.The First Chairman was Shri.Bhaskar alias Balasaheb Ranade. In 1986 Shri.Shashikant Chitale as Chairman and Shri.Nandkumar wadekar as Hon Secretary were elected Through the members.since then interaction commercial amongst the members and supply co.(i.e MSEB ) and the Electrical Inspector.
ECAM always Through of raising the technical knowledge level of its members as well as their technical staff through various activities these include.Lecture and …………..

1) Techinical Seminars on subject like

a) Earthing ( both LT & HT)
b) Cables
c) Conductors
d) Insulators
e) Miniature Circuit Breakers i.e MCBs
f) Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker i.e ELCB also Known as RCCB ( Residual Current Circuit breaker)
g) Capacitors
h) Motors
i) Harmonics
j) Installation Methods in High Rise Building
k) Electrical Safety
l) Batteries
m) Unconventional Energy Sources
n) Transformers

And many more

2) Visits to various manufacturing units are arranged for the members. Such Visits give them an insight of the product & quality checkup.
In the Year 1990 – 91 the then Existing members contributed Rs. 1000 each to buy an office space for ECAM. The ECAM Mumbai Contributed a major amount and Pune Region Started Functioning in its own Vastu at 305 Bharat Bhavan,1360 Shukrawar Peth,Pune 411 002
A big Exhibition of Electrical Products,instruments,equipments was arranged in Tilak Smarak mandir Pune.for 3 days,in the November 1991.About 50,000 People Visited the Exibition Which was a Grand Success.The Proceeds were utilised for the office furniture in the new Vastu.

3)Merely Raising the Knowledge of Contractors does not suffice.Their working hands i.e wiremen, linemen and helpers, should not lag behind So, ECAM Arranges technical Programmes. For Them, to improve their Skills and inculcate manufactures come forward to sponsor such programmes.

4)‘Consumer is the king – pin of Democracy ’Knowing this very well,question – answer programmes are arranged in various localities,where in officers from MSEB;PMC ( Pune Muncipal Corporation ) Electrical Inspector etc.do Consumers.The Media is also Co-Operative for the Promotion of Such events.

•The Members are aware of their social responsibilities. They Voluntarily Contribute their might in national catamities like kargil Assault ;as well as regional calamities like,earthquake,flood,hurricane Hurricane ( Cyclone ) and like.cultural programmes like Drama ,Musical Concert are Periodically arranged.Family Get – Togethers also help promote friendship.

•One Such Programme was held on Door Darshan when Late Mr.Uday Chitre from Mumbai and Mr.Chintamani Bapat from Pune answered the queries via Phone – calls.

•Every member gets a diary every year and a free subscription to its monthly bulletin IECT ( Indian Electrical Contractor and Trader ).Various Manufacturers send their product – catalogues price lists etc.free of cost.
Come. Join ECAM Pune And be a Beneficiary of the Multi – Faceted activities.