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आयुर्वेदचार्य B.A.M.S पंचवर्षियो कोर्स (गुरुशिष्य सीस्टम) प्रवेश देना सुरु. Bachelor in Integrated System of Medicines, Diploma in Naturopathy & Yoga Science     : संपर्क :- 09403675648


K.M.E Education Council Allopatant Medicine of India

Incorporated Under Section 25-1 of ACT-2013

K.M.E was established in 2015

Registered by the Govt. Of India New Delhi
QCI Membership Reg. No. CORP/EDU/6488

                    Oraganization with the aim of developing indigenous technology accessible and affordable for society at larg by establishing providing maintaining and conduction research and such of the laboratories, Training colleges, Schools, Nursing, Engineering, Management, Electronic & Computer Syllabus and d-Pharma college and allied health science and such other instituation for the, Educational and institutation of student and other people of the weaker section of the society and to provide for the delivery and holding of the lecturers, demonstrations, exhibitions, clases, meeting and conferences in connection there with.

  To undertake research and development in allopathic, ayurvedic, unani, homeopathic, allopatent medicine or natural methods of treatment and all kinds of anatomical,orthopedic and other goods and instruments used in connection with any kind of medical treatment health and general hygiene of the society at practice allopatent medicine association must be started by selecting the member of solving their problems of alcoholism & alcohol prohibitation to start syllabus and develop, Naturopathy, Yoga, Herbal Medicine, Biochemic Medicine, Electropathy, Alloptent medicine etc.

                   The Council grants recognition of Allopatent Medical qualification gives affilication to medical colleges/Institute Grants Registration to medical practitioners and Mohitors Medical Practice in India.

K.M.E. Education Council Allopatant Medicine, India
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